Malaga, Spain – Working Abroad In Travel

We’ve all had days when we’d like to pack in the desk job and get out there to have an adventure. Most of us only think about this for a fleeting minute and then go back to our filing but some people do take the plunge and jet off for the travel experience of a lifetime.

Having spent a few years traveling to and fro via Malaga Airport I have finally decided to take the plunge and try to make a life in Spain.

I thought to myself even if it’s as simple as spending the summer working in a Spanish chiringuito beach bar in the Costa del Sol it could be just the change I need. Jokes apart I listed several potential jobs I am skilled to do below.

Short List of Potential Jobs In Spain

  1. Minibus Driver
  2. Bar staff
  3. Busker (not well paid)
  4. Waiter
  5. Life Guard (cant speak Spanish)
  6. Watersports Technician
  7. Blogger!

Some people dont have all the luck I have after all I know John the minibus owner!


I met my new friend through a website editor which I knew from the UK. Her name is Anna and she is the editor for a successful Malaga Travel Guide blog, when Anna not marketing and promoting her site she is writing for

Yes, you heard me correctly, I have the ear of Malaga Airport’s pinnacle minibus company. An with my new formed friend I would be serving the holiday and visitors to the Costa del Sol along the coast.

Will Your Experiences Be As Good As Mine?


At the end of your time abroad you might come back to your usual job with a new found passion or you might have a eureka moment when you’re serving cocktails to drunken tourists and come up with your own great business idea.

But if you’re going to have to explain to your friends, family, and possibly your bank manager why you’re taking time out from your well paid career to do a job you wouldn’t think twice about back home, you’re going to need to have some answers ready.

So what exactly are the benefits of working abroad? Aside from the great tan, relaxed lifestyle, and smug pictures to pollute your friend’s Facebook walls with for the entire time you’re out there of course!

You’ll always have something to say

Whilst you’re abroad you can work on your “exotic foreigner” persona, even if your exotic hometown happens to be Croydon. Being the cool guy/gal from Britain give you something to talk about in social situations, because of course you know the Queen, right?

Once you get back home there’s no end of things you can tell people about your adventures. Just don’t become one of those people that starts every sentence with “When I was working abroad”…

You can be someone else

Fed up of being “Dave that works in IT”? No problem! When you’re working in a country where no one knows you, you can be whoever you want to be. Now’s the time to get that uber trendy hair cut that you didn’t think would work in the office or start wearing tribal jewellery that only looks good on the beach.

You’ll make new friends

Sure, your friends at home are great but it’s a big world out there and there are plenty of cool people you’ll meet on your travels. Some might become nothing more than a distant memory and an interesting anecdote and others will become lifelong friends.

Besides, how amazing does it sound saying “I’ve just got my friend flying in from Mexico for a few weeks”?

Dont forget Ive got John the Spanish minibus owners ear, he’s my friend!

When hes not with me being my friend hes in Malaga Airport picking up holiday makers and making a load of money doing so

You’ll appreciate the little things

Your Mum’s burnt “Sausage Surprise” and a two for one offer on Tesco own brand tea bags will never look as good as they will when you return from three months living in the jungle!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to be driving a minibus from Malaga Airport to Puerto Banus, teaching English in Peru, or volunteering to look after sick elephants in Thailand, the world’s your oyster!