Car Radar Detectors

Leading Market Providers for Radar Detectors

The market today is saturated with radar detectors and they all vary in quality the best brands featured Escort and Belkin to name the market leaders.

Features of the Passport MAX

Features GPS technology and also comes pre-loaded with thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and speed-based cameras throughout North America. “The Best Detector in the US,”  says Car and Tires Magazine

YouTube video courtesy of Escort Passport Max Radar Detector

The Escort leading radar spotter is the Passport Max. It is packed with features to help you avoid speed traps, police radar guns and static cameras. Another good site to save some money on tires is where you can buy tires on sale at great prices in the US.

Database Link Up

As part of your detector kit you get a 6 month subscription from Escort this ties in with a nationwide database that gives you the latest updates of the locations of the police traps.

Do not worry as the Passport Max will notify you well in advance as to where these cameras lie, whether hidden or in full view in plenty time to slow down so you do not get caught or trapped.

The Escort Passport Max GPS Enabled RD is one of the most advanced radar and laser detectors. You can also download updates, back up your data, and stay on top of new threats directly from the Escort Forum or website.

Testing of this Unit

The Escort Max did a good job picking up this guys KA35.5 looks like he was running sloppy instant on radar with his front and rear antenna.

There are a load of radar detectors for sale on Amazon, BigBuy and all leading car electronic shops so dont be lazy get out there and price one or read another review on the Max to make sure